Powerful, automated search marketing

A best in class technology solution, that is built for enterprise businesses, who want to scale search marketing campaigns for SMEs.

Websites and search marketing campaigns working together

Don’t silo your websites and search campaigns. Spotzer are the experts in creating websites and PPC together, delivering the best ROI and experience for your customers. Use the Spotzer Onboarding Tool to save cost through a single point of content collection, with the ability to ingest existing content from your websites for paid search campaigns.

Spotzer Ads includes landing pages built to optimise conversion across channels, either as the destination site or as a fast solution where websites are not ready or optimised. Report on the performance of advertiser campaigns and website together in our customer-friendly Reporting Suite.

Smart data-driven solutions

With some of the world’s largest pool of website and search campaign performance data, Spotzer Ads ensures that every campaign starts out with the best chance of success, with automated creation and optimisation of campaigns.

Our keyword and ad copy taxonomy is optimised for high-performance search campaigns in over 18 markets to support thousands of local business categories. This technology, provides our enterprise partners with the capability to create optimised campaigns in Google AdWords and Bing Ads in minutes.


Automation is central to the Spotzer approach, and Spotzer Ads is no different. We use automation at every step, from the point of sale through to quality control, with easy-to-use workflow tools in the cloud for access anywhere by your team, or ours.

Our automation technology delivers consistent quality you can rely on, reducing support costs for large search marketing portfolios. An account manager using Spotzer Ads can support significantly more advertiser campaigns than comparable solutions.


The Spotzer Onboarding tool enables your sales team to make robust quotes with simple data collection, and campaign estimates powered by our big data approach. This unified tool for search campaigns and websites is the efficient choice for field sales and telesales teams.

Zero Touch

Once an order is taken, the paid search campaign is live. It is as simple as that. Our approach is to reduce churn by demonstrating value early and save cost, resulting in increased profitability and higher customer lifetime value.


The Onboarding Tool provides a unique record of the expectations of the customer, and our reporting and management tools allow customers to track advertiser performance against expectations, highlighting accounts requiring additional focus.

QA Taken To a
New Level

Spotzer’s years of expertise in delivering digital marketing campaigns at scale have enabled a tracked and automated QA process. Building confidence for every customer every time.

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Tailored to Your Business Needs

Spotzer Ads is a self-service white-labeled platform for high-performing search campaigns powered by technology. We have the flexibility to offer you a complete outsourced solution for your search marketing service with our qualified account managers providing client contact, or a partially outsourced solution based on needs. Our managed model reduces your operational overhead by allowing our experts to do what they do best.

If you are looking to outsource your search marketing service or some of the functions within it, the specialist Spotzer team can operate all or part of the process on your behalf.

Our qualified teams support 18 markets from 3 global centres of excellence located in Europe, United States, and Australia.

Because we offer a full digital marketing service, we can provide a single point of contact for all your digital marketing needs – websites, search marketing, design, and copy.

Migration Experts

Spotzer is specialized in migrating customers from a wide range of platforms and environments including in-house legacy systems. In 2015, we successfully led and executed some of the biggest migrations of AdWords customers globally with tens of thousands of customers seamlessly migrated to the Spotzer Ads platform.

Our migration teams work with enterprise customers to enable our unique 5-step migration process, from strategy to enablement and execution.

Outstanding Features

With a sophisticated-taxonomy, highly-automated technology platform, and the flexibility of white-labeled support from our search advertising experts, Spotzer Ads is simple and fast to use for your support and sales teams.